Anesthesia or sedation is frequently required for diagnostics and surgical, dental and other special procedures where immobilization and pain control is beneficial. Withholding food after 8:30 – 9:00pm the night before the procedure is important because anesthesia can occasionally cause vomiting. Please inform us if your dog or cat has eaten or taken medications after this time. We strongly recommend blood testing prior to anesthetic procedures. These blood tests check out how your pet’s organs are functioning that morning. We ask that your pet arrives at Animal Kingdom during our admit time (8am – 8:30am) on the day of their scheduled procedure. One of our team members will go thru the consent form, confirm the procedure to be performed and collect contact information for you while your pet is under our care.

Because your pet’s safety is our highest concern, we have a variety of anesthetics to choose from to meet your pet’s specific needs and follow our ASAP protocol. Our doctor will review your pet’s blood work and medical chart then perform a Pre-Surgical physical exam to finalize their surgical and anesthetic plan for your pet.

Anesthesia As Safe As Possible Protocol

  • Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing
  • Pre-Surgical Exam
  • IV Catheter and fluids
  • Anesthetics based on the above
  • Surgical monitoring
  • Temperature control
  • Consistent doctor or technician monitoring through recovery